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Café Blackbird

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We are the locals, working with the locals, for the locals.

Small Batch Coffee
Scratch Made Foods
Crafted Beverages

Café Blackbird

At Café Blackbird we do things differently. There is a passion that brews inside of us and we aren’t just talking about our coffee. We’re talking about everything that we do and all that we are. So, who are we? We are the locals. We’re your neighbour. Your home. Your office. Your meeting space. Your getaway. We’re the perfect stop along your daily route.


We Do

Let’s break it down. We focus on quality. We focus on local. We focus on fresh. With our hand-crafted menus using quality local ingredients, to the perfectly dialed espresso, making you a normal human every morning. We are the proud Edmontonians, a creative conscious collective, who strive to make a difference in our City.