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We exhibit and sell works of art on our gallery walls that are beautifully created by visual artists from the Greater Edmonton area. Showcased artists work in a variety of styles and media that offer new and established art collectors unique and eclectic selections of fine artwork. Our gallery displays rotate monthly to provide exposure for many visual artists throughout the year.



Anne deJong is a landscape painter living in Alberta. Her work is centred around capturing the beauty she sees in nature and sharing it with you for you to enjoy and bring into your home. Anne has always enjoyed art. She has a background in graphic design, but her painting and drawing skills are all self-taught. When she was fourteen her Grandpa encouraged her to learn how to paint with oils, telling her that she would learn best by just doing; simply buy some paint and start painting. She did just that and has been partial to oils ever since. Many of Anne’s paintings are inspired by places she has visited with her family. She actively seeks out opportunities to explore natural settings and experience wild and remote. When she can’t get out to the mountains, the next best thing is painting them! Her paintings are a commitment to share not only the places that she has personally experienced, but the landscapes that are dear to her viewers.

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