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Art Gallery

We exhibit and sell works of art on our gallery walls that are beautifully created by visual artists from the Greater Edmonton area. Showcased artists work in a variety of styles and media that offer new and established art collectors unique and eclectic selections of fine artwork. Our gallery displays rotate monthly to provide exposure for many visual artists throughout the year.



Originally from Hong Kong, Ming Chua developed a love for design and art. To pursue her love for design, she studied Furniture and Interior Design. Ming has traveled the world researching and studying different forms and styles of various types of design, while her work was displayed in showrooms and exhibitions throughout the world: Canada, USA, Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom, China, Japan, Hong Kong, and more. Her trendy desktop stationery designs, crystals, and souvenirs can be found in stores across the globe. Ming has been heavily involved with the design of products, as well as posters, catalogs, packaging, signage, logos, and booths. To fulfill her passion in art, Ming studied under the world-renown Chinese Ink Painting Master, Mr. He Baili, as well as watercolor and cartoonist, Mr. Yim Yee King (Ah Chung). Now back in Canada, Ming’s art fuses Western, Eastern, Modern, and Traditional styles of art and design.