Art Gallery

We exhibit and sell works of art on our gallery walls that are beautifully created by visual artists from the Greater Edmonton area. Showcased artists work in a variety of styles and media that offer new and established art collectors unique and eclectic selections of fine artwork. Our gallery displays rotate monthly to provide exposure for many visual artists throughout the year.



Denise Lefebvre was born in Edmonton and attended the Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary. She completed a degree in Visual Communications, studied Photographic Arts and Printmaking, and is well versed in many mediums, including acrylic and oil. After College, Denise traveled through South East Asia and Eastern Canada but since 1999 she has called Edmonton home. Denise is a free-lance artist and entrepreneur, and exhibits her work in several shows each year including the long-standing Night of Artists festival. Denise’s work often varies from bright and colourful, to abstract and subdued. Denise reveals her personal journey in her work by incorporating nature in conjunction with the human spirit. Her current exhibit at Café Blackbird is a tantalizing collection of nature and landscapes. There is always a lot going on in Denise’s head, and trying to get it on canvas while the thought is still fresh in her mind isn’t always easy, but she sure has fun with it.