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Art Gallery

We exhibit and sell works of art on our gallery walls that are beautifully created by visual artists from the Greater Edmonton area. Showcased artists work in a variety of styles and media that offer new and established art collectors unique and eclectic selections of fine artwork. Our gallery displays rotate monthly to provide exposure for many visual artists throughout the year.



Rylin Rosenberger is an Edmonton born-and-raised photographer whose photographic journey began as nothing more than a travel hobby back in 2016. Since then, his artistic vision has grown and evolved into his own style, backed by design and compositional knowledge acquired through studying 3D Design at NAIT.


Rylin recently founded and registered his own personal business named cRReative, with the hopes of sharing his passion for photography and design with others. He wants to be able to represent his subjects as beautifully as they already exist, and convey that message to his audience, so that they may be able to appreciate a unique view upon the world that many seem to miss. Rylin's exhibit features beautiful pieces from his primary field of interest: wildlife, landscapes, and nature from unique perspectives.