Art Gallery

We exhibit and sell works of art on our gallery walls that are beautifully created by visual artists from the Greater Edmonton area. Showcased artists work in a variety of styles and media that offer new and established art collectors unique and eclectic selections of fine artwork. Our gallery displays rotate monthly to provide exposure for many visual artists throughout the year.



Classically trained in Eastern Europe, Oksana Zhelisko began her career as an artist in L'viv, Ukraine. Oksana entered the Ivan Trush College of Decorative Arts in 1996. Oksana prefers to work in Alla-prima style (wet-on-wet) of painting and uses this style as much as possible. Even when she works on bigger paintings, she makes sure to block in tonal and colour balances in her first session. Oksana works intuitively, bold and free from the start at the same time staying true to the emotional response of the initial idea. As she continues to work on a painting, she slows down and adds more calculated decisions to get certain areas tighter and more detailed. Oksana loves this subtle connection between harsh defined edges and loose, faint lines. The marriage between transparent, flowy paint and thick, opaque layers. She loves asymmetry and well-planned randomness, where the subject is only suggestive. She feels that it leaves more room for the viewer to spark their imagination.